System Solutions for Marking of Spectacle and Contact Lenses

System Solutions for Marking of Ophthalmic Glasses and Contact Lenses

Laser Engraving of Ophthalmic Lenses

The production of ophthalmic lenses requires different marking processes. For example, technical engravings or brandings for spectacle lenses. For contact lenses the UDI marking is a FDA requirement. 3D-Micromac offers ophthalmic marking solutions for laser engraving of all types of ophthalmic lenses, e.g. prescription and sunglasses, or contact lenses. All systems use UV lasers for permanent marking  and guarantee:

  • Reliable process stability
  • Highest engraving precision
  • Accurate contrast adjustment
  • Maximum throughput
  • Top availability
  • Flexibility in system configuration
  • Simple retrofitting

The customer can choose between premium quality excimer laser systems and high quality maintenance-free DPSS laser systems. Both are suitable for production of technical engravings and visible brandings on blocked and unblocked lenses as well as contact lenses. Using excimer laser systems the engravings will be generated by cold laser ablation of 193 nm UV radiation. This results in a superior engraving quality considering all cosmetic aspects without any heat affection and micro cracks.

Besides the already proven excimer technology, 3D-Micromac has developed an all-new compact and maintenance free DPSS laser system to meet customer’s demand for high quality marking with significantly decreased cost of ownership. The system is suitable for visible, invisible as well as for technical engravings of all kind of spectacle lenses (incl. CR39, Polycarbonate, High-Index materials and even mineral glass) and marking of hard and soft contact lenses. The use of a UV DPSS laser source achieves a high-quality marking result related to excimer laser engravings.

Industry experience in ophthalmic marking since 2004

3D-Micromac started the development of the MC-Flexc laser engraving systems for a distributer in 2004. With over 200 systems installed worldwide and an approx. 80 percent global market share of all premium labeling systems of ophthalmic and contact lenses, 3D-Micromac has established itself as the market leader in the field of ophthalmic marking systems.

Service and Support

The worldwide available service team of 3D-Micromac supports customers throughout the life cycle of the engraving systems. In addition, 3D-Micromac has a fully equipped application laboratory with experienced process engineers, which support customers in feasibility tests, process development, and realization of customized solutions.

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