microMARK™ MCF

Excimer laser engraving system for premium quality lens marking

The microMARK MCF™ is a premium laser engraving system for ophthalmic markings. Using an UV Excimer laser system high quality engraving results can be achieved on high index, tinted, coated and all other lens types.

The microMARK MCF™ is the right choice for all unblocked lenses as well as for blocked lenses within manual or automated production processes. The system can be equipped with a wide range of options from image recognition to fully automatic operation

Suitable for:

  • Technical and decorative engraving (branding) on high index, tinted, coated and all other lenses
  • ‚‚Technical and UDI marking on hard and soft contact lenses


Premium engraving quality on all materials and coatings, e.g.

  • ‚‚Organic and mineral glass
  • ‚‚Concave or convex blocked and/or unblocked lenses
  • ‚Indexes from 1.5 to 1.8
  • Hardened and tempered lenses

‚ High throughput by automatic handling
‚‚ Maximum availability by second laser source