microMARK™ MCF RXe 200

System Solution for Laser Marking of Ophthalmic Glasses

3D-Micromac‘s microMARK™ RXe200 is a premium quality marking device for all kinds of blocked lenses. Equipped with an optimized optical components setup and an large-sized magnification ratio this new generation of RX marking devices offers an increased depth of focus at lowest laser power operation on all materials.

microMARK™ RXe200 offers:

  • Stable XY axis system with Z measurement
  • Laser power measurement
  • Precise digital galvanometer mirror deflection system
  • 20 selectable apertures
  • Fully sealed beam path with integrated beam flush unit

Suitable for:

  • Technical marking of spectacle lenses
  • Branding functionality for unblocked lenses on request


  • High quality engraving with accurate contrast adjustment on a variety of spectacle lenses and coatings
  • Small footprint
  • Low investment and operating cost
  • Easy retrofit of automated handling system at customer’s site on request