Ophthalmic Service

Service means feeling like you are well looked after. Especially when the production plants in question operate 24 hours a day. We give you this security: quickly and without complications.

Our service offers

Our service team is at your side anywhere in the world with qualified personnel right from the start. We look after delivery, setup and commissioning and we are your expert contact throughout the entire life cycle of your machine.

Our service team has the regular maintenance of your machine covered, and if something does go wrong, they ensure a quick diagnosis and restoration of functionality.

Our training offers

Operator training

This training involves instruction in the basics of the machine and standard tasks. This includes tasks that need to be carried out by the operator on a regular basis, such as machine setup, safety instruction, measurement of laser power, gas replacement and instruction in the setup of the software and operation of the system.

Training for maintenance personnel

This intensive training equips special maintenance personnel with expert knowledge to operate the machine. So among others this training includes the installation of new engraving marks, inspection of and adjustments to the laser system, and replacement of the gas cylinders.

Maintenance agreements to cover the running costs

To cover the running costs of a laser engraving machine we offer our customers various service packages. For example these cover consumables and wear parts, all travel expenses, service on location by a specialist, ongoing maintenance of the machine, and guaranteed reaction times for all machines, components and software supplied by the manufacturer.

By request we will be happy to offer you:

  • A warranty extension for your workstation to as much as 3 years
  • A suitable spare parts and service package for storage on location (backup kit)
  • A flat rate for consumables and wear parts, or
  • A service agreement with reaction and repair time

Your service contact

Service Hotline: +49 371 40043-25

Service E-Mail for all 3D-Micromac systems: service@3d-micromac.com